If you are going to open a window anyway, why not open a deck instead? This delightful mechanical design allows a condo owner or apartment renter the flexibility of adding extra space at the push of a button without the requirement for outdoor furniture and continuous cleaning that normally come with a balcony.

The entire transformation sequence takes place in just a few short steps from start to finish and happens in under a minute. For such a simple move it has a profound impact, bringing in light and air and extending the interior space of a room to the outside world.


Perhaps best of all, this unit is designed to be a simple retrofit on existing buildings. Imagine the value impact on an already-built-out dense urban area like Manhattan where every extra square inch of property has an impact on the overall cost of a place.


Whether these become the next big thing remains to be seen, but if they are widely adopted they will change the living conditions of countless people in metropolitan areas around the world. Called Bloomframe, this remarkable innovation was designed and developed by Hofman Dujardin Architects.