Tech design company Ampere has created the latest innovation in smart glasses: a pair of sunglasses that allows you to change the tint with the touch of a button.


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Woman models the same pair of Dusk smart sunglasses set to two different tints.

Released on an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year, the “Dusk” shades are different from the decades-old Transitions lenses that change tint based on the surrounding light conditions. The new product from Ampere uses electrochromic technology (the same tech available in luxury cars to control windshield tint) to electrically manipulate the lens darkness specifically to the user’s preferences. And it works fast, with the lenses taking just 0.1 seconds to adapt to the preferred hue.

The tint level can be customized between 3 and 35 percent, and preferred settings can be saved on the company app. When users are far from their phones, the glasses have manual touch controls on the left-hand side that can adjust between three tint levels. Another option includes setting the controls to have the lenses alter automatically with changes in ambient light readings.

The full tint range available with each pair of Dusk smart sunglasses.

Graphic shows the microphone and speaker system built into each pair of Dusk smart sunglasses.

Being smart glasses, Dusk also includes an open-ear audio system that lets users receive phone calls or listen to music on the go. The speakers are discreetly hidden in the frame earpieces and allow for a crystal-clear audio experience even while keeping the noise inaudible to those around you.

Compatible with iPhones running iOS 14 and Android 12 models, the embedded microphone and button on the right side of the Dusk frame makes it possible to quiz Siri or Google Assistant with voice commands and gives users the hands-free ability to answer calls or skip songs on their playlist.

Even better, these glasses have the bonus of actually looking good. Designed after the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer style, the matte black frames are sleek and unisex. Dusk is also lightweight (measuring just under one ounce), making each pair comfortable enough for all-day use.


For eye safety, the sunglasses are polarized and block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, with all the included smart tech, Ampere took care to make their product waterproof (IP65 waterproof rating) to be wearable around the pool or on the lake.

An optional Dusk case charges up the sunglasses whenever you put them away.

Dusk sunglasses can be used in tandem with Apple Air Tag tech for easy tracking all the time.

Dusk glasses also feature some helpful accessories. For an extra $50, users can purchase a protective case that also acts a charger when out and about. When fully charged, the shades will provide seven days of paired tint adjustment time and four hours of active listening time. The carrying case also incorporates a space for an Apple Air Tag to track the glasses via Bluetooth if and when they get misplaced.

The sunglasses went on presale at a discounted price of $189 and are currently scheduled to ship in October 2021. The company’s smart changing lenses concept was very popular on Indiegogo, raising over $430,000 from almost 1,600 backers. The campaign was so successful, in fact, that two other options were unlocked: a pair with mirrored lenses, and an indoor Dusk frame to block that pesky blue light from phones and other screens.

A pair of Dusk smart sunglasses with mirrored lenses.

Delaware-based Ampere specializes in making “fun, one-of-a-kind award-winning gadgets” to improve life for their customers. Their other offerings include a foldable charging cube, a hydropower shower speaker, and a UV sanitizing wireless cell phone charger.