morphogenesis architects house

A soft tension pervades this amazing architect-designed home. It is at once extremely contemporary, crisp and modern … but at the same time it draws on traditional architecture and landscape design for inspiration and decoration.

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morphogenesis architects house exterior

At the heart of this unique home by Morphogenesis is something of a cross between a traditional hearth and a modern multi-story atrium – something that spans the gap between personal and corporate in a strange but compelling way.

morphogenesis architects house atrium

The lush interior landscape incorporates aesthetic aspects of traditional Indian design and certainly responds to the harsh climate of the country yet in some ways could be located anywhere in the world.

morphogenesis architects house plants

A combination live, work and social space for three generations of a single family, this house is designed to be a little bit of everything to every one – a lobby space leads to living areas, cultural events coexist with private functions.

morphogenesis architects house living room

Open and green spaces are the keys to connecting disparate parts of the project, built without any obvious sign of being extremely sustainable – despite landscape and structural considerations throughout, including a thick Western wall intended to block out excess heat, and surprisingly dense interior partitions to absorb sound and create a virtual naturalistic landscape under an artificial roof.

morphogenesis architects house interior

“This residence multitasks as a house for three generations of a family, a busy workspace (architectural studio), and on occasion a cultural hub. The house is organized in overlapping spatial categories split into three levels. The materiality is arranged in crisp clear planes that are articulated in local limestone, local hardwood and concrete. While the materiality of the opaque surfaces is highlighted as light picks up the various textures of these different planes, transparency is achieved by a combination of glass and water, through reflections and modulated natural light. The project is a confluence of the notions of nature, culture, family and modernity.”

morphogenesis architects house pool

“The house sets about to create its own terrain, a veritable oasis, within its inscribed territory. The forecourt is landscaped with gracious steps and pools. Crisp clear planes are articulated with materials: stone, wood, concrete which are simply striated or set in interlocking patterns. They come alive when light hits the different horizontal surfaces. Transparency is achieved by not only by glass, but a combination of water, reflection, and modulated lighting. At night the house appears magical, glowing like a lantern and allowing glimpses of activity within.”