green interior home garden

In dense urban settings – such as packed Japanese cities – getting a to a patch of sunlight and bit of greenery can be a great relief but a difficult prospect at times. This interior design by Suppose brings the best of simple modern minimalism together with a light and spacious atmosphere and plenty of plant-life climbing all the way up and down the inside walls.

green home atrium space

There is an otherworldly quality to these spaces that seem to shift impossibly between indoor and outdoor, all within the confines of these entirely interior rock-filled and tree-planted areas – almost how one might imagine a greenhouse within a space ship, designed to keep the passengers healthy, happy and sane.

green modern home garden

Deep within the structure are the functional kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and other core programmatic spaces. Still, even these are planned in such a way that views into, through and back out of them always seem to include elements of nature from greenery to daylight

garden courtyard home interior

The outside and entry floor are as simple, modern and minimal as can be – corrugated white exterior siding and a basic concrete staircase lead into a well-lit, stark white foyer with only a few plants to hit at the lush layers of green life to be found on each of the below-grade floors to follow from this first impression.