nendo suite of transforming dog objects

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Having a dog means having a constant best friend, but it also means having tons of dog stuff cluttering up your home. Japanese designers Nendo have come up with a fancy set of dog accessories  – known collectively as Heads or Tails – that all have dual purposes.

transforming dog bed nendo

A faux leather structure pops up to become a house when the dog climbs inside. If he decides instead to plop down on top, it becomes a cushiony bed for Spike.

nendo's reversible dog items

The ceramic food dish features a deep well on one side to hold water. Flip it over and the shallower side holds food. Of course, this is a problem for the pet who enjoys drinking and eating at the same time, but it takes up half the space of a traditional set of doggie dishes. Finally, the silicon bone toy has ends that fold over to meet in the middle, forming a soft but durable ball.

transforming animal suite

Dogs might not appreciate the sophisticated design elements featured in this suite of accessories, but dog people know just how great it is to have dog stuff at home that isn’t squeaky, fuzzy, or messy.