laser cut lamps

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The CP (circular pattern) series of laser-cut lamps from Netherlands design team van-tjalle-en-jasper sheds new light on the concept of DIY self-assembly kits. For hands-on appreciation, get to grips with the subtle shades of CP lamps and light fittings. They look ‘niche’ and arty – yet you make them yourself!

laser cut lamp detail

‘Cut using our very own Laser’ boasts the designers’ website and precision is the key as 2D shapes are put together  to create 3D light sources. Fun, and funky looking.


“The laser cut lamp series are all DIY-packages. In other words, they come in a kit to be assembled by you. The ‘ribs’ of the lamps are cut out of MDF by our very own laser cutter, which gives the sides a black color that matches with the cord and fitting.”

“The lamps are produced in a social work facility. The lamps come in four different sizes and styles. But they all have some classical as well as modern elements in them. We are really happy with the balance in pricing and quality for this series. Real Dutch Design that is affordable for everybody. That’s how we like it.”