Ready Made Curtain kit simple design

Iterative simplifications slowly resulted in this elegantly basic system that uses an absolute minimum of materials and requires essentially no tools or skills to assemble, making for record-breaking assembly speed and a lovely lack of instructions-related headaches.

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Ready Made Curtain kit

This Ready Made Curtain by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec is easily adjustable in width and height, utilizing a flexible-length unwinding support wire (inspired by guitar springs) and simple scissor-cut fabric.

Ready Made Curtain kit red blue
Ready Made Curtain kit components

So the end consumer just has to pick the right color of semi-transparent material (with matching snaps), joined with a set of self-explanatory parts, and essentially snap them together with easy-to-use fasteners. The curtain kit is elementary from start to finish, and easily reusable as well (as fast to take it apart as to put it together).

Ready Made Curtain kit easy to assemble

From its Danish designers: “The ambition was to create a new system that allows anyone to install a quality curtain in record time. Little skill and few tools are needed, margin for error has been considered and perfection isn’t an absolute requirement. In fact, the charm of the imperfect in opposition to the overly sanitized interior, is something we believe in. In our work with Kvadrat we are always striving to integrate more textile into the design of rooms. The difference between this and previous products is that we have decided not to interfere with the fabric. The system is very simple, we have used the lightest touch.”

Ready Made Curtain kit hung

You can purchase the Ready Made Curtain at Kvadrat.

“Ready Made Curtain by Kvadrat offers a flexible and easy-to-install curtain system with a personal touch. Ready Made Curtain brings together all elements required to create individual design curtains: hanging mechanism and cord, pegs and a selection of Kvadrat textiles. The concept allows to choose from these elements separately, providing a multitude of possible configurations. Whether a combination in subtle tones and natural finishes or something more bold and colourful is desired, Ready Made Curtain can be freely combined to suit one’s individual taste.”