Transparent House concrete acid engraving

These genius floral design imprints provide a wonderful counterpoint to the cold concrete on which they are impressed. Of course, with the technique all kinds of possibilities are opened up – geometric patterns, realistic floorscapes and other approaches are all possible.

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Transparent House concrete close up

Also, these can be functional and provide different textures and grips underfoot on what would otherwise be a smooth and sterile concrete floor surface – unless the owner prefers to infill the void space after the concrete has set. You could take this concept and make it your own any way you can dream up using special concrete etching acids.

Transparent House concrete pattern

This design was created by the design firm Transparent House, which began as an architectural visualization studio and now offers full service image-based branding strategies to major companies like Apple.

Info about this concrete pattern project via Retail Design Blog:

“Transparent House Team presents its vision of the classic flooring material – concrete. We’ve created a way to refine a popular element of contemporary interior design such as polished concrete flooring. The fine floral ornaments promotes the clean and simple character of the space while adding a touch of warm and live contrast and highlighting the cold austerity of the material.”

Transparent House concrete floral design

About Transparent House:

Great product marketing imagery requires obsessive attention to detail along with a critical eye for camera placement and lighting, whether the product is the centerpiece of a print ad or featured in a broadcast commercial. At Transparent House we have been honing our 3D animation, 3D graphics and 3D product visualization skills for more than fifteen years, creating unbelievably photo-realistic, computer-generated, imagery – from commercial animation, to print/web renderings, to interactive and virtual experiences – that you might be hard-pressed to distinguish from the real thing. Because of the versatility, cost-savings, and quality of CGI, more and more product manufacturers are transitioning their marketing pipeline to full 3D for their print collateral, online catalogs, commercial advertising, and interactive applications.”