Sometimes it is simply helpful to see how someone else has designed a whole space, how the interior design elements fit together to become pieces of a whole room. With that in mind, here are some complete bedroom interiors from Hülsta that might not be crazy and cutting edge or amazingly avant-garde but provide some visual design inspiration – particularly when it comes to color.

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huelsta gray bedroom minimalist
huelsta green bedroom
heulsta pink bedroom

Note that a great deal of the impact of these designs comes from the use of minimal colors in a fairly consistent and limited color range. The few decorative elements or other creative accents that diverge from the basic scheme stand out all the more as a result.

heulsta purple and black

Particularly in these modern minimalistic black-and-white bedroom layouts the random touch of color from decorations, furnishings or ordinary everyday objects stand out against the simple designs.

The designs come from ranges like “Neo,” “Lunis,” “Now” and “Multi-bed,” each of which have their own sort of vibe and functionality.

Hulsta neo sleeping

“Neo plays on rooms in its own unique way. The furniture, which appears to float, gives the bedroom an elegant lightness. Finely crafted frames, chrome-plated or lacquered in anthracite color, stand out discreetly from the lacquer or wooden fronts. Thanks to a selection of 1950 paint colors from the NCS color system, Neo focuses on exciting color combinations and thus creates a coherent overall concept for an individual bedroom.”

Hulsta multi bed gray and purple

“MULTI-BED systematically brings you to your perfect design bed. The different designs and dimensions are compatible with this furniture line. The same applies to the other MULTI furniture. This results in a maximum selection for all aspects of the design bed: The bed leg variants in matt or gloss, for example, are completely individual. Various headboards, which can also be equipped with lighting, and top cushions complete the range of frames.”

Here’s some more info about the brand:

“With its product developments, hülsta has an early and lasting impact on the furnishing sector in Germany. More than 220 national and international patents have been registered for the name hülsta to date. Milestones in product development are the add-on bedroom tall cabinet INTERMAT in 1962, and the start of base frame production in 1965. In 1968 the ALLWAND living room program was presented, the first linear furniture program with a freely grid-like front in endless construction, as well as the UNIVERSA living room program, from which the modular construction method emerged – a planning principle that was still standard in furniture planning decades later.”