Having kids can be a recipe for clutter as more and more room gets displaced in favor of toys – unless your furniture can function as both centerpiece and play space.

The QUBIS HAUS would make Mies or Corbu proud, made up of open floors, simple sides and slots for modular wall panels to be inserted and removed as desired.

Colorful acrylic squares slide into place, as does a staircase, and wooden furniture can be it in on a lower, upper or rooftop floor plate in this three-level construct. The table itself “is made in solid birch ply wood and has clean modern lines making it a beautiful piece of living room furniture as well as a centre for children to play.”

Meanwhile, the furniture made to fit it “has been made from locally grown, sustainable oak and hand crafted into various styles of building blocks with embedded magnets, that magically transform into pieces of modern furniture with a simple click. Specific designs are shown with each set – but there are no limits to what you can create.”