quibis coffee table dollhouse

Having kids can be a recipe for clutter as more and more room gets displaced in favor of toys – unless your furniture can function as both centerpiece and play space.

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The QUBIS HAUS would make Mies or Corbu proud, made up of open floors, simple sides and slots for modular wall panels to be inserted and removed as desired.

quibus dollhouse close up

Colorful acrylic squares slide into place, as does a staircase, and wooden furniture can be it in on a lower, upper or rooftop floor plate in this three-level construct. 

qubis dollhouse at play

“QUBIS HAUS is a dual purpose coffee table that can either be a modern coffee table with interchangeable compartments or a dolls house, with the simple addition of sliding panels made from wood and perspex, enabling the ‘designer’ to create different compartment/room layouts. The table is made in solid birch plywood and has clean modern lines making it a beautiful piece of living room furniture as well as a centre for children to play. The table can live permanently in the living room (shared space) so the children (or adults) can play with it whenever they want.”

quibis coffee table

About the designers:

“Qubis was launched in October 2012 with the Qubis Haus through the Southbank Centre in London by Designer Amy Whitworth. The Qubis Haus was a winner in the BOOST design competition run by the Southbank Centre and the Observer. Qubis Haus has been sold internationally.   Qubis Design specialises in transformative, modern space saving designs that work for both private and commercial clients.  We enjoy working with organisations creating furniture that suites their environment.  We are lucky enough to have our designs used my hundreds everyday at Camden Market, West India Quay and Spitalfields Market.”

“Qubis design style is influenced by the work from Bauhaus movement : for their clean, geometric lines and the marriage of form and function,” says Amy Whitworth. “As well as our own line of Qubis products we are currently collaborating on a range of product, toy and media design projects. If you are interested in commissioning or collaborating with Qubis we are always interested in design challenges. “