Scaled Up Dollhouse Furniture by Silva Lovasova full size

We take the quirks of small-scale design, craft and construction in stride when looking at miniatures or models, but they change in more than just scale when sized up to a 1:1 ratio with human users.

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Scaled Up Dollhouse Furniture by Silva Lovasova

For her thesis project at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Silva Lovasová (images by Peter Sit) took dollhouse furniture and other little objects, scanned them in three dimensions and printed them out large … or normal, relative to people.


The results show off both the oddities of the original designs and manufacturing processes as well as the accidents and byproducts of large-scale printing methods. It all comes together to tell hybrid tale as the objects reveal both the story of their (original and final) absolute size and of their shift in scale at the same time.

Scaled Up Dollhouse Furniture by Silva Lovasova chair and lamp
Scaled Up Dollhouse Furniture by Silva Lovasova texture

Here’s more about the project from the designer. “1:1” was an entry in the Make Me! international design contest in Lodz, Poland.

“1:1 is an experimental collection of straightforward blown-ups of grotesque miniatures,” Lovasová explains. “It deliberately manipulates the provocative kitsch and suggests contemporary possibilities of digital technologies in design. The miniatures found in various dolls’ houses are influenced by the real items of the grown ups’ world. However, they are sadly misshapen and disproportional.”

Scaled Up Dollhouse Furniture by Silva Lovasova teapot

“After scanning the pieces designer decided to completely avoid altering, improving and prettifying. She simply enlarged them to functional size, in which the whimsicality of mini-world is fully expressed. The collection is made of different materials – from prototyping to final ones. The tool path is untouched, as it holds emotional and aesthetic potential – in Silva Lovasova’s opinion it represents contemporary digital decor. Furthermore, all the other traits are preserved, as a way of describing the making process.”

“Silva Lovasova got a title of Master of Art at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2013. Currently is working at Trivjednom Design Studio based in Bratislava.”