Renovating your kitchen is a big job, but well worth the effort to achieve the cookspace you’ve always dreamed of — a place where cooking is not a bore or a chore, but something that’s fun and inspires culinary creativity.

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To create the kitchen of your dreams, it’s important to visualize the space you want before even picking out paint colors or types of tile. And this requires planning. That’s where the experts come in, with designer-approved tips that give anyone envisioning the perfect kitchen everything they need to get started.

Below are five top things to consider before beginning your kitchen renovation:

Spatial Recognition

Spacious open-plan kitchen renovation.

One of the most important things to consider when beginning a kitchen renovation is how you want to use the existing space to your advantage. Kitchen a little cramped? Then you may want to consider opening up the new space a bit. This may not require knocking down walls, though, so don’t reach for your sledgehammer just yet (though some spaces may require more extreme makeovers to achieve that “open plan” kitchen look). The first step is to create a layout, or an actual plan for how you want to arrange the space. Larger appliances, like the stove and refrigerator, are a good place to start, as they’re the typically the biggest things in the room. The key is to maximize your kitchen space in order to promote functionality and flow, rather than having a cluttered, unorganized layout.

All-In On Appliances

Brand New Dishwasher

Speaking of appliances, the next step is to decided what appliances need an upgrade. Current fridge too big (or too small)? Consider a brand new streamlined model that better fits your space. Tired of washing dishes by hand? Think about adding a dishwasher to the mix. While this step of the reno plans may require you to shell out some dough, think of it as an investment. New appliances often last for years, and many of them are energy efficient, to boot. That’s good news for the environment and your wallet.

Fitting In

Bright patterned kitchen countertops blend seamlessly with existing wooden elements.

A brand new kitchen will shine like a brightly colored jewel and stand out from the rest of your space (if you’re not doing a total home makeover, of course). Chances are you’ll just be renovating one room at a time, so it’s important that the kitchen works with the rest of your home. Obviously, the kitchen is not its own autonomous space. It’s an integral part of your everyday life, so be aware of how the renovation will look in relation to the rest of the house. Try not to indulge in uber-trendy finds that can’t be easily swapped out and changed if you have a change of heart. Stay subtle and neutral with your palette, at least until you can actually see how the decor blends with your home.

Storage Solutions

Kitchen islands make for great multipurpose storage solutions.

The ideal kitchen is clean, not cluttered. It’s much easier to work in a kitchen that’s organized, with everything in an easy-to-access place. This is why storage is one of the most important considerations during a kitchen renovation, especially if your previous kitchen was light on space. Feel free to get creative here, using up available wall space so as to not clutter countertops. Floating shelves are another trendy option for storing things like glasses, and kitchen islands can be handy spots for stashing things you may not use 24/7, or hiding things like the trash can.

Remember, It’sYour Kitchen

Clean renovated kitchen space.

The most important thing to consider during a kitchen renovation is how to make the space your own. Just because certain trends may work for others doesn’t mean they’ll automatically work for you. Carefully consider what you want and need from your new kitchen, because after all, it’s your kitchen. You’ll be cooking and living in it. So while designer tips are a great place to start, don’t forget to add a touch of yourself to your new space. How else could it be the kitchen of your dreams?