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Working from home isn’t nearly the oddity it was just a few years ago. Today, people around the world work from home from full-time to one or two days a week. But the problem is finding a comfortable yet productive spot in which to work in your house. Philippe Starck’s MyWorld sofa suite is the perfect solution.

The comfortable sofa encourages proper posture (something that people who work from home can usually use some help with) but also keeps you wired and connected. There is an integrated USB charger, a built-in electrical socket and a Duracell Powermat to keep your mobile device charged up.

Wooden compartments on the side of the sofa keep your gadgets and office supplies safe and out of the way. Divider screens can be added to the sides of the sofa to give you some privacy from the rest of the household while you’re working.

With so many amenities to keep you connected and constantly working, there’s no need to spend the day working at the coffee shop (and subsequently spending tons of money on caffeinated beverages). The MyWorld suite is available from Cassina in a number of finishes, colors and sizes.