kitchen set

Not the table-setting kind of flatware you are used to, these kitchen implements are a new breed of slim design. As space-saving strategies go it is hard to beat a flat-pack approach, but in this case the benefits go beyond storage, too.

folding kitchen set

folding for dishwasher

When it comes to cumbersome kitchen accessories, packing flat means fitting things into dishwashers, too.

folding board design

folding flat pack

Dubbed Formadables by the crowds supporting and advising the project over at Quirky, the series includes a cutting board, bowl, strainer, colander and grater.

folding drawer slide

Collectively, these snap-together designs can be stacked and slid into a drawer out of the way, thus taking up less space when not in use.

folding design concept

folding table display

They also form a spectrum of colors that calls out their connection visually while also helping the user keep track of them by function.