tennessee treehouse at night

The appeal of a backyard getaway is almost universal. Put a treehouse in front of someone of any age and you’re likely to be greeted with wide eyes and a smile. This treehouse in Nashville, Tennessee was built as a fun getaway for a family’s kids, and it ended up being a wonderfully modern wooded retreat.

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tennessee treehouse black

All of the work was done by blogger ModFruGAL and her family. They spent long weeks building the platform and ladder, hauling panels up, erecting walls and a ceiling, painting, decorating, and everything else that goes into the building of a house – only on a much smaller scale.

tennessee treehouse deck

What came out of the effort is a small but comfortable treehouse that looks like a modern lounge. A sleeping bunk allows for cozy nights under the skylight, and diligent bug-proofing ensures that there will be no unwelcome guests on summer nights.

The small retreat isn’t what you might expect from a treehouse; it’s stylish, comfy, and decorated with a designer’s eye. At a small 64 square feet, it packs a lot of style into a tiny area.

tennessee treehouse detail
tennessee treehouse chalk paint

The low-tech interior is perfect for a technology break. There is electricity, but no TV and no refrigerator. It’s a simple, sweet hangout in the trees for when you just need to get away for a while. This is the kind of treehouse every kid and every parent should have, if for no other reason than just to put down the electronic devices for a while and reconnect with nature.

tennessee treehouse interior
tennessee treehouse hammock

“It is technically not a treehouse, but rather a house up in the trees given we did not use a tree as a support, BUT, we still call it the treehouse; one word. I know, we are annoying that way. The platform is 8 x 12 and the house part is 8 x 8 feet – We chose these dimensions to minimize waste by using standard, big box lumber lengths. While it would be nice to have it bigger (we plan to finish off the bottom for more sleepover room) it would change the whole approach..and budget.”

(via: Sweet Peach)