Clei Transforming Sofa

Move over hide-a-bed, pull-out couch-beds: get stuffed. The Doc is a simply named convertible sofa that expands into not one but two beds in one: a pair of bunk beds as simple and elegant as the name would suggest. With a variety of color styles and textures this makes a great couch even without the added bonus of being a brilliant piece of transforming furniture.

Doc Sofa

Doc bunk bed

The transformation process, as these images suggest, is a relatively simple one. The end result looks just as good as a couch in terms of being a potential default configuration – not something one normally sees with convertible furniture in general, let alone fold-out beds in particular.

The finished bunk-bed configuration can be mono-tone or duo-tone depending upon the sheets chosen and comes complete with a safety bar and step ladder for the upstairs sleeper. The cushions from the sleeper couch configuration be be re-appropriated and applied as decorative pillows to the bed position.

Transforming sofa

Transforming Sofa in yellow

“Doc. is a comfortable sofa which transforms into a practical bunk bed with slatted bed base in one simple movement. The Doc. sofa/bunk bed has a combined ladder and safety barrier system integrated in the structure; while in the bunk bed position, the ladder stands vertically and serves as further support. Removable cover, white down padding with pure cotton upholstery, cushions with polyurethane insert.”

“Clei, furnishings industry, is based in Brianza (North of Italy) and boasts origins back in time. The company was established in 1962 with a great propensity for innovation, focusing on design directed to integrate Transformable Systems into modular and versatile furniture collection, for home furnishings, holiday houses and business residences.  To the growing market demand for versatile and multifunctional furnishing solutions, able to satisfy the different living requirements, Clei responds with the two furniture collections LIVING SYSTEMS and YOUNG SYSTEMS , integrated to transformable systems for the living area and the young people space . The high technological collections contain research, creativity, innovation and engineering, that are the main lines of CLEI’s philosophy and competitive strategy. “