Free Floating Catamaran

Like some sleek modern-day pirate ship, this modern house boat comes with a roped-off (rooftop) deck and a crow’s nest perch towering above. Coupled with the lower-level living quarters, it makes for a fascinating eco lodge concept for Holland. Created for the National Park De Beisbosch in the Netherlands, the floating double-decker cabin design features a glassed-in bedroom and beautiful timber inside and out.

Catamaran Cabin on a Lake

Marijn Beije Design provided angles of view from every space on the vessel, down to the sleeping and bathroom spaces with windows right out onto the water (but blinds for privacy, too). This recent grad has clearly spent a bit too much time in studio as of late, but it has paid off. The interiors take inspiration from traditional sauna designs of Nordic countries, enveloping you in the warmth of wood.

Catamaran interior

Wood-lined floating cabin

As for keeping the place clean: everything drains down, of course, leading to a relatively simple solution for letting water out of the bathroom zone, for instance, plus both decks and even spray-washing the bedroom. If it were free-floating, maybe you’d get in trouble bumping into one obstacle or another, but it looks like this modern houseboat is meant to remain firmly in place at the dock. That’s probably a good thing.

The Free Floating Catamaran by Marijn Beije is basically like a luxury treehouse on the water, containing everything you need for a nature-centric getaway that prioritizes views above all else.

“The floating lodge aims to lure a broader audience to the park by providing a unique way to experience nature on the water,” says Beije. “The design encourages the occupant to enjoy the sights from 3 vantage points: below the water surface, on surface level, and from a few meters above. The park has a unique sweet/fresh water tidal ecosystem home to a large beaver population.”