modern houseboat

Houseboats conjure different images for different people, from traditional houses-on-the-water to barges and other converted boat-to-house properties. Few think of something as sleek, modern and suited to be both a full-time habitat and a mobile floating home as the SchwimmHausBoot design.

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modern houseboat living room

The designers claim inspiration from both maritime styles and land-based structural traditions, a combination of something that looks dynamic and made for traversing waterways but could equally well rival a contemporary urban home in its layout, materials and form. In short, the finished design has the plan and functions of a conventional house but also reflects its aquatic nature.

modern houseboat woodstove
modern houseboat with cat

Inside this cool modern houseboat, creative custom fixtures and furnishings within a white setting make the space seem like a vast converted loft or a spacious hilltop summer home – a getaway of sorts but also a very livable interior design. Public spaces with significant glass for daylighting slowly give way to private spaces as one moves further back into the floating structure.

modern houseboat loft
modern houseboat kitchen

Best of all, this house boat design is planned perfectly for docking as well as traveling – streamlined to be propelled through the water but also enclosed on the side for when neighbors pull in alongside while it is in port. It also has a front porch that doubles as a front yard and entry space when secured to land but a more private green rooftop deck for looking out on the water.

modern houseboat interior
modern houseboat side view

SchwimmHausBoot was designed by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann of the German design firm Confused Direction.

“Many cultures show a long tradition of living on the water, representing the natural human need to live by the water. Nowadays, houseboats or floating homes can provide a new quality of live to areas with high population density and large bodies of water. It was important to me not to build a simple log cabin a on the water, but to create a valuable home balancing modern design and maritime flair. This ambition is also reflected in the selection of materials.”