nHOME Caravan in landscape

Most recreational vehicles aren’t exactly stylish, and even the well-appointed models tend to be more traditional in the look of their fixtures, furniture and decor. The nHOME Caravan by Polish designers Michal Kozlowski and Lukasz Pasckowski is designed specifically for a pair of young people with modern sensibilities, with all of the amenities required for a comfortable holiday on the road.

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nHOME Caravan

“In today’s busy world, young people need distraction from everyday life filled with stress, inactivity and monotony,” say the designers. “When looking for a way to spend your holidays are often looking for something that would give them a break to spend free time in an active way. Caravaning is a form of tourism that allows recreation.”

“The project is designed for two modern young people. The trailer provides them a place to sleep, prepare meals and eat them, and the ability to wash and use the toilet.”

nHOME Caravan side view
nHOME Caravan door open
nHOME Caravan inside
nHOME Caravan kitchen

Small and compact at just over 1650 pounds, the nHOME doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet offers a fold-away dining table, dining benches that transform into a bed, a small kitchen and a wet room. The kitchen offers two stove eyes, a mini-fridge and freezer, a sink and lots of hidden storage for dishes, cookware and food.

nHOME Caravan diagram

A large skylight illuminates the interior during the day and enables a view of the stars at night. The design maintains all of the easy-to-manufacture, lightweight qualities of contemporary RVs, with the capability to close everything up for travel.

nHOME Caravan storage

“This construction can be attributed to the smallest in volume trailers, the interior is small but fully functional. Weight of the trailer is located at 750 kg, so that it can move a driver holding a driving license of category B. The trailer is made in laminate technology, which gives the possibility of any shape possible to extract from the mold. The project aims to improve and facilitate the handling equipment such as: dining table, spreading out of beds, preparing meals, taking a shower.”