Sliding, stacking, transforming and compacting: the key to making a small space comfortable and functional is versatility, and this micro apartment design by Amsterdam studio Concrete is a great example of how to do it right. Designed for a hotel called Zoku, the space is no larger than an average hotel room, yet accommodates so much more than you’d expect.



The setup manages to fit a kitchen, bathroom, tons of storage, a comfortable sitting area, desk, dining area, lofted bedroom and a staircase that slides completely out of the way when not in use into this tiny space.



Slatted wood screens hide the bedroom from view without cutting off daylight or air circulation. The stairs disappear into the wall, and the entire area under the loft is used for drawers, cabinets and a neat little niche containing a hidden desk and stool.


All that functionality, and yet the room still feels clean, spacious and airy, with no clutter to be seen and plenty of space to move around.


Zoku is a new brand of hotels named for the Japanese word for ‘family’ or ‘clan,’ aiming to be a home-office hybrid for people who visit the city on business, and a comfortable option for longer stays in the city. The first location will open in Amsterdam this fall.