Caravan bed for kids

Bedtime can be a struggle for parents with small kids. They never seem to want the day to end. If they had the Caravan Bed, though, they might be more eager to head off to dreamland.

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From the designers at Mathy by Bols, the Caravan Bed is shaped just like a vintage teardrop trailer. It even has a license plate, windows, and little faux wheels to make it more realistic.

Caravan bed for kids in pink

A second pull-out bed sits beneath the main cabin for visiting friends. An optional storage box fits onto the front of the camper for toys or clothing, while shelves and additional storage inside the camper shell let kids store their favorite books and toys nearby.

Caravan bed kids customizable

The caravan’s door opens just like a real camper so Junior can have some privacy. But a roll-back canvas topper also lets the camper resident open up the top to see out at night, perhaps gazing up at glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.

Carvan bed for kids in green

“No need to be a scout or brownie to enjoy the delights of caravanning every day with this funky and unique kids bed from Mathy by Bols! The Kids Caravan Bed serves both as somewhere to bunk down for the night and a cosy space where your little nippers can play and daydream about great adventures in the country, building sandcastles at the seaside or even sledging in the snowy mountains. Your little explorers can imagine a night underneath the stars in the great outdoors all from underneath the comfort of their duvet! The roof is made of Ecru Cloth and can be covered up or rolled back if you wish to gaze out the roof at night time (or so parents can peek inside). Where will your young globe-trotters explore next in tomorrow’s dreams?”

It’s made of pine and available in 26 colors. Check it out here.