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Loafs make a lot of design sense for packaging a series of flat-sliced objects, like, say, a set of sketchbooks – but are naturally suited to designer ideas that revolve around their most common time and place of use: morning at the breakfast table.

Aside from its heat-absorbing and spill-hiding properties, the cork works as a kind of natural camouflage (particularly for those of us who cannot quite see straight when we first wake up). hThe variegated texture of the material mimics that of toasted break quite well, and seeing them strewn about the table they seem to blend even better.

Probably the biggest potential problem with this clever idea from Oiti: half-sleeping one might accidentally attempt to take a bite out of these stealth coasters, which are appealing though anything but edible. Still, they are more interesting than the generic round variety any day of the week (except maybe Monday).