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Sometimes, product designers being clever can simply make something inherently cool without their unique design twist being a means to some functional end. While there is no ‘reason’ per se to package a set of stylish notebooks like a loaf of sliced bread, somehow it just works.

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Sliced bread notebook slices

Still, the critical sleek move aside, having a set of simple hardbound sketch books can be helpful for us so-called creative (read: absent-minded) types who tend to pick up a note pad and put it down only to forget where we left it. The packaging is so cute you’ll be encouraged to keep it all together and maybe even put it on display in your office.

Sliced bread notebook product design

Also, while not necessarily his intention, by dividing it into twelve (with numbers on the side) the designer (Burak Kaynak) encourages an iterative process not unlike the slow peeling of bread layers from a packaged loaf over time. Challenge yourself to use up a notebook for every month of the year, getting out your creative ideas and ambitions. Just know that staring at it every day might also encourage you to eat a lot of sandwiches and toast. But hey, that’s not such a bad thing (carb haters, look away!).

Sliced bread notebook creative

Burak Kaynak is a product designer and UX designer currently leading design at Lemu, an ecosystem developed by Odd Industries, an ethically-driven industrial AI startup founded in 2018. He’s especially interested in machine learning, neural network, computer vision, AR and VR.

Sliced bread notebook cardboard
Sliced bread notebook fun

More from the designer

“Taking notes can be super delicious, by using the Sliced Bread//Notebook.
The first step requires a delicious notebook to hold everything together.
It is a 12 slices/notebook set which has been packaged for convenience.
Each delicious slice has number on it. (1 to 12)
You can use each notebook for the related month.”