IMA Mobili colorful bunk beds

Housing more children in the same amount of space can be a recipe for temper tantrums and a whole lot of clutter – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move to a bigger house. You just have to get creative with the space you have.

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IMA Mobili Bridge Bedroom

When fitting two or more kids to a bedroom, think vertically. Bunks and lofts are a great way to take advantage of typically underutilized space, and you can buy clever space-saving furniture specially made for this purpose.

These sliding, folding and fixed loft and bunk bedroom ideas from IMA Mobili are interesting products in themselves, but the layouts photographed also provide good inspiration for do-it-yourself interior design options.

IMA Mobili dinosaur bunk bed room

“The IMAmobili collection of children’s bedroom compositions is organized with a wide and diversified choice of beds, modular structures of bookcases, shelves, bedside tables and chests of drawers available in different finishes and colors  and different types of handles and knobs.”

IMA Mobili sliding bed for kids

“All this is completed by a versatile system of wardrobes capable of living independently or integrating perfectly with the various elements of the bedroom. Kids bedrooms with beds on the ground, versatile bed solutions with bridge wardrobes and practical space-saving ideas  suitable for smaller rooms, are just some of the possible compositions that can be made. It gives more value to the children’s bedroom, faithfully reflecting their lifestyle and offering them an environment where they can grow well.”

IMA Mobili modern bunk bed for kids

Some solutions simply build to the ceiling with a combination of beds and storage spaces, while others deploy strategically at night, taking up floor space after it is used for other purposes during the day.

One of the unusual aspects of these mostly-asymmetrical systems is how they carve out unique corners, cubbies and otherwise-differentiated areas of occupation, giving each child the sense of having their own distinct portion of the shared area.