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Two tiny bedrooms connected by a bathroom presented a challenge in terms of making the most of the usable space, packing queen-sized beds and adequate storage into each. Conventional furniture would quickly clutter up the rooms, taking up all of the available floor space. Design firm Van Staeyen Interieur came up with a solution that not only makes the rooms feel larger than they really are, but also creates extra-cozy sleeping spaces.

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The firm built out one wall in each room by approximately four feet, taking advantage of the full height of the space. Behind the sleek new surface is a nook for a queen-sized bed, shelving and cabinets. A step pulls out of a drawer beneath the mattress to provide easy access, and partially built-in table stretches to meet the opposite wall.

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The built-in addition is painted a glossy white to blend into the rest of the room, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness. The wood-lined interior of the sleeping nook matches the floor, while neon accents add vibrant focal points to the room. The bathroom connecting the two spaces was given a mini makeover with a bright yellow epoxy floor and faucet.