brogamats burrito

The health benefits of yoga are widely known, but in some communities it’s still seen as a rather feminine activity. What’s worse is that yoga accessories tend to be geared toward women and their generally shorter, smaller bodies.

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Brogamats is a company selling yoga accessories that are decidedly more manly than the typical pink and purple butterfly-adorned yoga mats and carrying bags.

brogamats log
brogamats lumberjack

Their line includes a bag that looks like a burrito, another that looks like a log, and a very manly plaid lumberjack pattern. A yoga mat that looks like a quiver of arrows is encased by a matching bag that makes you look like a pretty tough dude walking down the street with a bag of arrows on your back.

The guys behind Brogamats point out that their products aren’t just for men; ladies get tired of the normal flowery yoga stuff too. Although their product line seems a little sparse at the moment – the arrow quiver is the only design with a bag and a matching mat – we’re looking forward to some new bro-friendly designs in the futurre.

brogamats quiver bag
brogamats burrito

The creators also made some “Yoga Joes,” i.e. G.I. Joe-style toy soldiers doing yoga poses. Is it all a bit absurd? Definitely. But whatever gets people into wellness, I guess.

Brogamats was founded on the belief that yoga practitioners defy simple categorization, and include people of all walks of life, all genders, all Lululemon budgets, and all levels of earthy pretentiousness. We are avid yogaphiles who felt the range of yoga products currently available was frustratingly narrow, so we decided to start designing our own. First, we threw on some graphics that we thought would be fun to carry on our backs on the way to class or unfurl in front of envious classmates. Second, given that men are taller, heavier and sweat more than women, we decided to make a mat that was extra long, extra thick, and grippy as hell.”