Like a cut through a log with an axe, Damien Gernay imagines this system as being blunt, direct and functionally effective.

As in an axe swing, gravity does most of the heavy lifting here, so to speak – the weight of the wood boards at each level help to stabilize the overall structure. At a glance it could look unstable, but our intuitions quickly apprehend how the loads move down through the supports.

Even better, there are essentially no connectors needed outside of each level’s framing element, meaning you could slot in finely-sliced and fully-finished boards, or rough-hewn lumber right off the chopping block (and also making manufacture a simple and repetitive process).

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Materials: oak, thermo-coated steel. Dimensions : 160 x 35 x 130 cm. While custom-made for a client (ENO studio), the system provides great do-it-yourself inspiration for those inclined to experiment with the details.