Portable kitchen in a box Targa Italia

Who says you can’t take it with you? This innovative portable kitchen from Targa Italia lets you pack up and transport your entire kitchen: fixtures, storage and all. Designed by Piero Esposito, this unique kitchen-in-a-box is appropriately dubbed Opening.

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Portable kitchen in a box Targa Italia folded up

When closed, Opening’s clever design lets it fit neatly into two wooden boxes. In this handy transport mode, you can move your entire kitchen to a new location. Upon arriving at your new place, simply remove four screws and say hello to instant cooking, storage and eating space.

Portable kitchen in a box Targa Italia inside view

Without pictures to prove its style and elegance, you might not believe that a portable kitchen in a box would be as attractive as Opening. But the stainless steel elements, beautiful wood grain and ample storage space might even leave you wishing you didn’t already have a built-in kitchen in your own home.

Portable kitchen in a box Targa Italia desk

The idea behind Opening is, obviously, to create a movable yet functional kitchen space. But even more than that, this distinctive room-in-a-box appeals to the mobile lifestyles that so many of us live. Whether we’re moving for work or school, going on vacation or simply upgrading our residences, many of us spend our lives on the go. Opening gives you the option to take a well-loved part of your household with you.

More from the designers

“Even if it originates from the family of concealed kitchens, Opening is more than an invisible kitchen. It is not simply a built-in kitchen unit that can disappear but a real Kücheraum, a ‘Kitchen Space’, which, whenever its job ends, changes its shape and volume and is adjustable for other purposes as a different object.”

“The German concept of Raum, hardly translatable with the English word ‘Space,’ has been pivoting the twentieth-century architectural and artistic debate and, combined with the concept of ‘existenz minimum,’ for some decades has oriented the research on modern home: how to conceive the space, how to match different spaces, how to make the best of them, how to organize smaller and smaller spaces in order to use them as wider ones, how to make them flexible and open to different suggestions and possibilities.”

“From this point of view Opening performs the evolution of contemporary living typologies, lofts, studios, lab houses, holiday houses… wherever it is, it lends itself to define different combinations of space by simply opening itself. Put in two cases, once its four screws have been unscrewed, it becomes an ‘object’ that can be easily carried away and this way it meets the increasing need for mobility of contemporary lifestyle.”