Foldable rooms in boxes by Toshihiko suzuki

Most of the time, we are content to have less flexibility and portability if it means we can have furniture, furnishings and fixtures of higher durability and quality. However, we do not always have the luxury of permanence in small spaces – particularly when it comes to accommodating temporary shifts in usage, guests, etc… These three foldable rooms in boxes are not meant to replace conventional interior design but to augment it by making other options available as needed.

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Such architectural furniture may never become mainstream but it certainly provides a conceptual counterpoint to our too-often accepted idea that interior designs are relatively immutable.

Foldable rooms in boxes by Toshihiko suzuki closed
Foldable rooms in boxes by Toshihiko suzuki unfolding

The foldaway guest room is a perfect example: who wants to maintain a guest bedroom all the time anyway – the extra space costs money that could be easily saved since it is rarely in use.

Likewise, a foldaway office such as this one is handy for people who do relatively little work at home but still need some study space for paying bills, organizing taxes and doing other periodic paperwork.

Perhaps the least obviously useful of the three, the mobile kitchen might be best put to use when guests are in town – or tucked onto a truck when traveling around.

Foldable rooms in boxes by Toshihiko suzuki furniture

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“The Kenchikukagu collapsible mobile furniture set comprises of a guest room, a kitchen and a work station. Each piece can be stowed away into a compact case on wheels and easily stored. The work station or mobile office includes a desk, a shelf, storage space, a chair, an outlet tap, and LED light. It comes with a wooden or aluminum finish (available colours are silver, black, red and natural or dark wood grain). In 2013, Atelier OPA made a new steel foldaway office station with magnets that you can attach notes, an umbrella, a bag, a jacket, or whatever you need to.”

Foldable rooms in boxes by Toshihiko suzuki kitchen

“The Kenchikukagu guest room includes a collapsible bed, a small table and lighting fixture, while the kitchen is comprised of a sink, a stowaway table, drawers, a recipe holder, and an induction cooktop. Atelier OPA is currently in the process of manufacturing a foldable furniture set for children, as well as developing a collapsible guest bedroom to suit the elderly population.”