A-Cero Luxury RV
Talk about pulling out all of the stops on something … this designer drive-anywhere house seems to have it all. The trailer portion is build like a bus, while the front looks like the driving portion of an articulated truck and the interior … well, it resembles neither in the least: a plush luxury pad you might want to live in full time instead of simply on the road.
A-Cero Luxury RV front
A-Cero Luxury RV smart car garage
A-cero is probably best known for their high-end custom home designs, modular architecture and unique approach to each project. All of these carry over in various ways to this hybrid mobile home concept, a luxury RV with interiors even design snobs will love.
If you think about it, the elements make sense: you want the robust build of a big rig to haul you through any road conditions, the capacity-maximizing shape of a commercial bus and the interior of a luxurious contemporary condo.
Pop-outs on the sides are nothing new either, but as an added element help to expand available space when parked. A car-parking component is also conventional when it comes to pricey mobile homes, but a drive-in-the-back feature may beat the side lift when it comes to simplicity (not to mention Knight-Rider-style high-speed escapes!).
A-Cero Luxury RV interior
A-Cero Luxury RV living space
A-Cero Luxury RV bedroom

“The architecture studio A-cero, managed by Mr. Torres, is in a full international expansion and is following an intense work process in the interior design field. A-cero is making projects beyond the traditional term of “house” and has created a habitable and comfortable space inside a truck.”

“It is a house with only 40 m2 (when the box is unfolded). It has been designed for living long times that overcomes its target of occasional stays and invites to be lived by a lot of time. A-cero has cared a lot the furniture details in the interior space and has gotten practical solutions to take the most of space.

“The furniture has been designed by A-cero. It is made in Corian: a light and hard material that supports the usual vibrations and movements of driving. The whole truck is decorated in white in order to create a bright, comfortable and modern space for living.”