a-cero open box house

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Part powerful monolith, part sculpture-inspired work of art, the Open Box House from Spanish architects A-cero stands tall against the Madrid skyline. It is a one-of-a-kind residence that truly resembles a piece of gigantic sculpture inspired by renowned Spanish sculptor Jorge Oteiza.

back of open box house

library open box house

The home occupies three stories: in the basement are the garage and mechanical facilities. The ground floor is dedicated to the living room, kitchen and servants’ quarters. The top floor is reserved for four bedrooms and a library.

exterior with pool open box house

sculptural open box house

The interior features furniture also designed by A-cero, and the Japanese garden (again, designed by A-cero) outside of the home is a truly impressive addition to the already-beautiful piece of architecture.

concrete exterior a-cero open box house

lit up exterior a-cero open box house

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that the facade of the home features different textures: some surfaces feature smooth concrete while others feature brandering, or a rough texture.

open box house living area

living room a-cero open box house

The living space extends into the outdoors, with a huge swimming pool and outdoor sitting and eating areas. Numerous oversized windows let the sun into every areas of the home. Warm, colored outdoor lighting gives the dramatic presentation worthy of this work of art.