jag outdoor grill and table

The JAG Grill manages to combine several things that were already pretty great on their own: barbecues, picnic tables, fire pits, and those restaurants where the chefs cook your food on the grill right in front of you.

eight-seat JAG grill

Available in six-seat and eight-seat options, the JAG Grill is an impressive piece of outdoor equipment. In the heart of the structure is the fire; you can use the single grill level on its own or also cook on the removable fire pit cover.

jag outdoor grill with attached picnic table

On the larger model, eight wood table platforms surround the interior steel grill. They provide space for a group to sit down and have a freshly-cooked meal hot off of the coals.

eight sided picnic table grill fire pit

individual cooking stations

Each of the spaces at the table allows the person sitting there to cook their own food just the way they like it. The individual grill segments lift up easily so you can tend to the fire from any position.

removable fire pit cover

fire pit

The wood platforms can also be removed easily for storage or if the cook prefers to create grilled masterpieces without the table in the way. And if you just want to have a nice night out under the stars with some friends, the JAG converts to a fire pit in seconds.