Ever come into possession a world-class instrument only to remember you have zero musical ability? If Youtube tutoring yourself into becoming the next Chopin or Jimi Hendrix isn’t quite your cup of tea, you might consider getting innovative with your newfound treasure. Convert a piano into a writing desk, a guitar into a eccentric bookshelf, or even DIY an old brass trumpet into a working docking station.

There are hundreds of creative ideas out there that’ll inspire you to upcycle broken or partly dismantled musical objects so that they can continue to bring joy to all those who come across them. We’ve selected a few that seem particularly doable:

Piano Art

An old piano upcycled into a state-of-the-art work station.

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How about hollowing out an old wooden piano to reveal its intricate interior and displaying it in your office space like a work of art? Nothing could feel more distinguished than sitting down in front of strings, keys, and pedals while completing your daily office duties. If you’re more into the hosting scene, why not convert that majestic wooden body into an outdoor bar? Hammer some hooks into the backboard to hang your wine glasses off, install some separated compartments to store all your ingredients, and use the pedal shelf to keep your spirits in order. Failing that, you can always strip away the keys and use your piano as a unique dining cabinet or library shelf.

French Horn Fountain

An old French horn upcycled into a functional outdoor fountain.

One of the best conversions we stumbled on was that of a rusty old French horn into the main feature of an outdoor fountain. Put your plumbing talents to good use by fitting the horn with a pump that will shoot running water straight out of the bell. Then sit back and enjoy the sound of droplets tapping and trickling onto the brass.

Guitar Shelving

An acoustic guitar hollowed out and upcycled into a shelf.

Hollow out your old axe and hang it on the wall to create a quirky shelving unit. There are loads of examples for this scattered all over the internet, with tutorials on everything from building mini shelves into the body to selecting the right paints and transforming it into an iconic yet practical structure.

If you fancy putting a musical twist into your landscape, you can always chop off half of your guitar’s body (horizontally) to make the perfect planter for your summer seeds. Help nature and music combine by allowing your acoustic instrument to be overtaken by beautiful foliage.

Drum Decor

A snare drum upcycled into a quirky lamp.

Use an old set of drums as lamp shades, creating a tiered chandelier or rounded nightstand in the process. They can also be used as seats or bar stools: just secure each drum to a sturdy stand and pad out the top with a comfortable cushion for your chums to sit on.

It’s time to whip out the old drawing board to see what creative concepts you can devise for these rare scrapheap finds. Not only is it really fun, but it’s also a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to live!