What happens when a pair of architects put their mind to making something creative? The Polimind papercraft kits! Spanning several designs, including a dragon head, an owl, and an alien, Polimind’s kits offer the chance to sit down and watch something real come to life, piece by piece. And this is exactly what the staff at Dornob did over the course of one afternoon.

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Even though Mocho the owl is designated as a two-star project (out of five), we were initially overwhelmed when the pieces came tumbling out of our envelope. Some were much more complicated than we anticipated, with seemingly dozens of folds, big and small. Our instructions were very clear, but there was a learning curve with actually putting it into practice. However, true to its rating, the process became easier and easier the more pieces we put together. The trick is patience. While this doesn’t mean there were no mistakes over the course of building the entire sculpture, Mocho did come out looking like an owl and that’s the goal!

Check out the entire process in the video below!

If you would like your own kit, check out their official website or donate to their IndieGogo campaign until April 6.