amphibious transforming shoes

Like some kind of strange modern mermaid apparel, these sleek-looking sandal-shoes can transform into a likewise stylish pair of swimming flippers with a few quick motions. While designed fore lifeguards specifically, what beach denizen would not want such nifty convertible land-and-water footwear?

amphibious swimming flipper shoes

The wide base is ideal for walking on wet land or sand, broad like snowshoes to disperse the weight of the wearer. Sort of like all-in-one skis, boots and bindings, the strap-on attachment flips out into the fin portion in with minimal fuss.

amphibious water land shoes

For now, these are just a working prototype by Edward Shelton but the concept makes sense and mass-production is sure to follow. After all, they already have built-in boot-and-ski, shoe-and-roller as well as other footwear combinations … so why not all-in-one sandal-and-flippers too?