Campers for land, boats for water, but few manufactured motorhomes (or motorboats) are equally suited for both environments. Combining the utility of a four-wheeled boat trailer with parts of a conventional cross-country airstream, this modest-looking project has deeper meaning than is evidence on the surface.

In fact, the Thansadet’s rather bland and boxy design inherently proposes to democratize waterways for ordinary vacationers. As a (relatively) cheap buy or rental, it creates sale-priced possibilities to reach remote locations normally accessible only to someone with a luxury yacht or sailboat.

There is no attempt to make a streamlined project for jet-setting speedsters. Rather, the focus is on a livable floating space to accommodate up to a family of five. It is merely designed for short and slow trips on the sea or simplified pop-up-style camping on land.

Travelers are used to seeing unrealistic images of their would-be destinations – cropped and Photoshopped pictures that mislead them into believing a resort is truly isolated. In this case, though, the idea holds water (metaphorically), as it is easy to imagine truly escaping in such a vehicle along watery roads less traveled (assuming issues of salt, dirt, weather and wear can be addressed should this ever be built).