You can buy all kinds of bizarre things on Amazon: steaks, live bugs, rare books, life-size Tyrannosaurus rex skull replicas, camel milk, fake buckets of uranium ore, and virtually any other gag gift you can possibly imagine. The retail behemoth is the world’s largest marketplace with over 562 million products to sift through, so it’s no surprise that it has now become a place where you can also purchase entire houses with a single click.

Amazon's new Allwood Solvalla DIY tiny home.
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The Allwood Solvalla is one such structure, and it costs a mere $7,250. That may be more than you pay for most of your Amazon purchases, but in terms of actual housing, it’s almost nothing, equal to the cost of just a few months of rent in many apartments. This tiny home kit can also be assembled in just eight hours by two people with no prior building experience. Measuring 172 square feet, the backyard studio is made of Nordic wood and comes with everything you need except roofing shingles and foundation materials, which add up to an additional $320.

Naturally, there’s a catch. Allwood, the manufacturer of the house, says the Solvalla is really intended for use as a home office, pool house, yoga studio, or guest room, since there’s no bathroom or kitchen included inside. There’s also no chance of ordering it with Prime and finding the kit on your doorstep within a matter of days. No, each Solvalla kit is made to order, taking at least 45 days to process and ship after you hit the “Buy Now” button.

Amazon's new Allwood Solvalla DIY tiny home.

“This timeless design is an alternative to classic log cabin-styled structures,” reads the description on Allwood’s website. “It works well in a variety of surroundings and can be a guest house, home office, granny flat, or even a retail space. The versatile Solvalla can also be set up on rooftops of multi-story buildings. Assembly of this solid wood structure takes a full day for two adults. Do-it-yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed. We may also be able to install the cabin for you.”

Amazon's new Allwood Solvalla DIY tiny home.

The Solvalla’s design is streamlined and modern, with about half of its area walled in and the other half open to the outdoors. The enclosed part of the house measures less than 100 square feet, which means there’s probably no way to shoehorn in your own bathroom or kitchenette there. Still, it’s a pretty cool (and budget-friendly) way to add more space to your pre-existing home, and its availability on a platform as popular as Amazon has gained the manufacturer a ton of attention.

Amazon's new Allwood Claudia DIY tiny home.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of buying a tiny house at such a low price but need a bit more indoor space, Allwood has other models that could work for you, including the more traditionally styled Claudia, a 209-square-foot cabin that sells for $7,990 with free shipping. Lots of other companies offer similar kits at similar price points, too, which could be an attractive way to get started on your own low-cost tiny house project without spending thousands of hours doing all the work yourself.