My grandmother always jokes around with my brother and me, saying that she has to treat us well in fear of us shipping her off to a nursing home the second we get a chance. It doesn’t matter how much I reassure her that this will not be the case, as she’s feisty and stubborn with a big heart — so of course she doesn’t believe me. “It doesn’t matter, because when the time comes, the time comes. You won’t want to keep traveling to come and see me and you’ll have your own lives to lead,” she argues. Until now, I didn’t have much of a back-up answer, because (as always) she was probably right. I hate to think of her in a place that isn’t full of her things and totally imbued with her charisma and character, but I became much more optimistic about her future when I heard about MEDCottage.
Outside of a MEDCottage Granny Pod.
Affectionately referred to as the “granny pod,” this adorable modular medical dwelling is the perfect mobile lodging space for your grandparents, and it fits right in your backyard, offering the perfect setup for those children and parents that wish to stay close but keep enough of distance to lead their own independent lives. As the parents age and become more reliant on caregivers, the pod allows them to have their own freedom and space while retaining a safe proximity to those looking after them.
Inside a MEDCottage Granny Pod.
Created by N2Care, the 12-by-14-foot dwelling has been designed as a temporary set-up that can be erected and taken down as needed. The “state-of-the-art hospital room” comes equipped with remote monitoring and offers a relaxing abode for both rehabilitative and extended care. MEDCottages can cost anything between $85,000 and $125,000, but if it better suits your financial situation, you can also rent one out for $750 a month. This cost nets you the classic MEDCottage set-up, complete with a living area/kitchenette, a full bathroom, and a cozy customizable bedroom.
Inside a MEDCottage Granny Pod.
You can also choose from the LivingROO (a smaller model that can fit in your garage) and MotherShip (which is built on an RV flatbed) designs, which means you can fit a MEDCottage into almost any place in the US. These options are much smaller than the standard package, but then again, they’re also significantly cheaper.
The bedroom area inside the MEDCottage Granny Pod.

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This affordable alternative to nursing homes aims to bring families together during the most difficult periods of their lives. MEDCottages allow the family members in need to have the space they require while also preserving their right to privacy — a privilege they definitely wouldn’t be able to enjoy in a communal senior facility.
My grandma approved of the idea, so I guess it’s time for me to start saving up!