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Secret ceiling compartments activated by pulleys hide both functional and fun surprises in this Madrid attic apartment, including a dining table, swing, hammock and disco ball. Elii Architects complemented the rustic wooden beams of an existing attic space with a new plywood and polycarbonate platform to offer separation for different uses, while remaining highly adaptable.

Didomestic Madrid Office Apartment 2

The main component is a core that houses the stairs, separate from the rest of the main floor by transparent panels. These sliding panels can be arranged in different ways to close off a guest room, separate the kitchen from the rest of the space, or open the whole floor for a party.

Didomestic Madrid Attic Apartment 3

Didomestic Madrid Attic Apartment 4

Hidden in the plywood ceiling are a range of functions activated by handles on the wall. Turn one of these handles and pulleys will drop down various furniture items like the kitchen table or a hammock for lounging. Also concealed within the ceiling is a set of storage shelves for guests.

Didomestic Madrid Attic Apartment 5

Go upstairs, and you’ll find more secret compartments in the floor. One houses bath products beside the tub, while another hides a mirror. And on the other side of the upper level, a series of invisible doors can be opened to offer up a dressing table, tea room and storage spaces.