At 80 feet tall, this incredible tower home by Marlon Blackwell has an unparalleled view of the surrounding landscape in every direction. The main living story is completely glazed on all sides – 360 degrees of windows to the outside world far below. Above this core area sits an outdoor living and dining deck with view to the sky and small-to-medium openings on every side.


The structure itself is a combination of steel and wood, a blend of open and enclosed to provide a secure-but-sensational walk up the fifty feet to the lower levels of occupancy above. Work spaces give way to living spaces which in turn give way to lounging and entertaining spaces at the top of the tower.


The aesthetic shifts as one moves through the spaces, from an industrial climb up to the entryway through a comfortable (and almost paradoxically conventional) set of interior spaces to an ultra-modern wood-lined outpost at the very top for enjoying nature and entertaining guests.