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Lagolinea sounds a little like LEGO, and while there is no overt resemblance, there is a modular, interactive and constructive method to the madness of this series from Lago that does recall those classic construction toys.

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Familiar shapes like trees and figures take the place of wall art, and instead provide useful shelf space and a three-dimensional object with which to engage.

lagolinea bookshelves
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That is not to say that other more abstract arrangements are not possible, perhaps even some that would appeal to adults … but, on the flip side, one rather doubts that the wine shelf in a fancy restaurant would be made out of these.

“Equipped with an innovative suspension system for the sides, LagoLinea is a wall bookcase to be built with a line, which offers maximum expressive freedom in the living area. The absence of structural constraints allows you to create compositions that adapt to spaces in a natural way, playing with shapes and communicating with existing architecture.”

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“With LagoLinea it is possible to organize spaces of any size in a creative and functional way, from the living room to the entrance, up to the bedroom and bathroom, creating compositions that develop in height or in width and that easily bypass obstacles.”

“LAGO designs and manufactures Made in Italy furnishings, offering modular design furniture, suitable not only for all areas of the home, but also for places for the community, such as hotels, restaurants, shops and work spaces.”

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“The Lago company was founded in 1976 by Giuseppe Lago but in reality its roots date back to the end of the nineteenth century, with the figure of Policarpo Lago, a craftsman cabinetmaker who carries out his activity in Venetian noble villas and Venetian churches. Policarpo’s sons subsequently extend the production to double bedrooms and small series of furniture for the entrance.”