monochrome red kitchen

Before you break out the paintbrush for a kitchen remodeling project, consider how far a single color can go. While not monochromatic in the strictest sense, each of these interiors features one bold and dominant tone to strong effect.

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orange and blue kitchens

These seven examples from Scavolini make for great compare-and-contrast photos between a spectrum-sampling set of spaces. Cool and warm colors, for instance, clearly make worlds of difference – an orange-highlighted area feels festive and inviting, while a pale-blue feels industrial and cold by comparison.

purple kitchen

A deep brown can let cabinets and islands fade to the background, while a bright purple brings them back up front and center in a design scheme.

Naturally, no room will be devoid of other colors, so it is worth considering what will populate a space aside from built-ins – wall tiles, decorative accents and other features will ultimately inform the look and feel of a finished kitchen too.

scalvolini motus
scalvolini motus simple kitchen modern

If all these bright colors aren’t your thing, Scalvolini makes more streamlined kitchen designs too, like the beautiful Motus system:

“In this composition with Tundra Grey gloss lacquered doors for base units and cupboards and Prestige White gloss lacquered doors for the wall units, the “Fluida” wall system is used to create open fronted units as the perfect trait d’union with the living room. The lines of the snack top, the shaping of the drawer and the opening mechanisms used for the doors are all musts that define the elegant, unique style of the project.”

More info about the brand:

“The Scavolini line allows a tasteful, rational take on all spaces. Thanks to a wide range of products, Scavolini takes up different styles and desires, including those of the public who wish to make their own home unique through design.”

“The beauty of shapes and colors designed by the best Italian and international designers is based on efficiency, durability and accuracy of semi-custom production methods. But also on the robustness and reliability of a leading company in Italy for over 30 years, rich counts on more than 50 years of history.”