Master bedroom design has gone through some big changes over the years, expanding to incorporate lavish accoutrements like separate sitting rooms, kitchenettes, spa-style bathrooms, wine refrigerators, decks overlooking gardens or bodies of water, and anything else to be absolutely perfect in the eyes of the people who not only sleep there, but use the room for solace, inspiration, soul-searching, intimacy, and relaxation.

A sleek, comfortable master bedroom with it's own mini living area.

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Because it’s so perfect when it’s new, the master bedroom often gets overlooked during remodeling discussions. But no matter how ideal it was when you spent your first night there, it’s going to need a makeover every few years to stay fresh and fulfilling.

Use these ideas as starting points and let your creative juices flow. Just remember to create a space that makes you happy!

Start With a Budget

Be realistic from the get-go so you don’t get hooked on a vision that’s financially unrealistic. If the sky’s the limit, go for it.


Outside inspiration for transforming your master bedroom is literally everywhere: TV remodeling shows, decorating websites and podcasts, magazines, books, friends’ homes: you name it. Remember that you’re looking for stimulation, not to exactly copy someone else’s creation.

Explore Creative Options

Anyone can jazz up a master bedroom with a new headboard or rug. To make your upgrade exciting and personalized, shake off those old ideas from the 20th century and get bold. Visualize a deck outside your bedroom with elaborate French doors leading in from the outside. Add a sink or two to the mix, convert the old vanities to built-in models, and consider a walk-in shower encased in etched glass, with a water system that engulfs your body with fine spray from all directions. Add a bidet or two. Transform two or three closets into a walk-in large enough to comfortably accommodate two people’s clothes and shoes, complete with full-length mirrors to make sure you always leave the house impeccably dressed.

A large Victorian-style bedroom adorned with lots of white decor pieces and sleek hanging fixtures.

If you’re thinking really far ahead, you may also want to make all the fixtures in your home ADA-compliant for your later years, or just to increase the value of the home should you decide to sell.

Establish a Game Plan

Create separate lists for what want to replace, what needs upgrades, and what you want to keep. If major construction is involved, outline your vision in writing and let a contractor give you options on how it can be done. Check your calendar so the renovations don’t interfere with planned vacations, holiday family gatherings, etc.

Decide Who’s Going to Do the Work

This cabin-style bedroom features lots of dark browns, and it even boasts its own fireplace under a flat-screen TV!

Some people are very handy, but others of us are not blessed with the skills and know-how to plan and implement a remodel of anything beyond a closet. Know your limitations, and don’t overestimate your proficiency just to save money (which usually costs even more cash to correct). Talented friends can help with some things, but for the more complicated upgrades, it’s best to hire a professional with impeccable references.

Create a Mock-Up of Your Vision

THis ultramodern bedroom makes ample use of black and gray and makes the large bed the star of the show.

There are many places where you can create your vision online for free or a nominal cost. Although the revamp you have in mind may be perfect, it’s always best to see how it looks in the actual context before you begin the project.