Seeing beyond the current reality of your living spaces to envision their potential isn’t always easy, especially when you’re ready for a fresh start in a whole new design style. Where do you even begin? How do you pick individual pieces that work together without purchasing a matching set from a suburban big-box store? If you’ve ever wished you could just push a button and view a three-dimensional model of your space with all new furniture and décor but can’t afford to hire an interior designer to just take care of everything for you, you might want to check out a new service called Modsy.

A GIF showing a number of virtual interior design reconfigurations, as generated by Modsy.

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Filling the middle ground between DIY and hiring a pro, Modsy offers “designs you don’t have to imagine,” expertly designing your rooms in 3D with furniture from well-known brands like West Elm, AllModern, Anthropologie, and Pottery Barn. You start by taking a quiz that pins down your personal interior design style, picking out rooms and elements that most appeal to you as you go. Are you drawn to modern Scandinavian pieces, organic elements, glamor, tradition, minimalism, or a more eclectic look?

Screenshot of someone's Modsy Style Quiz results.

Next, you’ll take photos and measurements of the space you’re redecorating. Modsy’s step-by-step guide will prompt you to photograph the room from eight angles and input a little more information by hand. Then you’ll answer some basic questions about your vision for the room, the kinds of brands you prefer, and what your budget looks like.

Just a few days after that, you’ll receive an email with your customized design plans in two different styles. Since they’re both 3D, you can easily pan and tilt through them, zoom in on particular elements, and see what it all looks like from overhead. Modsy also uses real dimensions from the furniture and décor they place in each space, which means you get an ultra-accurate sense of how it would fit in your real-life rooms.

3D rendering of an interior design scheme for a living room, as generated by Modsy. GIF showcasing the different furniture selections Modsy has to offer.

Now comes the really fun part: putting your own spin on the spaces. Access to a design dashboard lets you add and remove elements to perfect each room, changing them as many times as you want. Every single item that appears in each design, from the art on the walls and vases on the mantels to the couches and tables, is shoppable — just click on them to purchase at a special Modsy discount.

Modsy costs $69 for a complete set of interior designs and the ability to edit them yourself, or $199 for access to additional features like one-on-one chats with a stylist who can help make recommendations and adjustments to all your designs. You can even have Modsy work a few pieces you already own and don’t want to part with into the renderings for an additional $15 per item. If you’ve ever gone through the trouble of purchasing, transporting, and assembling a piece of furniture that didn’t fit in your space (physically or stylistically), you can probably imagine just how valuable this service can be.

The finished results of an interior design scheme for a living room generated by Modsy. The finished results of an interior design scheme for a bedroom generated by Modsy. The finished results of an interior design scheme for a living room generated by Modsy.

To see exactly how the process works, check out the “Real Stories” page on Modsy’s blog, which spotlights complete transformations of customers’ individual rooms. Each one includes before shots, Modsy’s two initial design renderings, and the final real-world result. It’s especially cool to see how Modsy solves major design challenges like awkward proportions, tiny dimensions, and bulky built-in elements like nonfunctional fireplaces. If you’re curious about your own design style but not quite ready to take the plunge on an actual redecorating project, you can always just take the quiz.