Exterior shot of Belle's imagined Tiny Home (Beauty and the Beast).

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Great architecture and interior design finds inspiration in innumerable places, so what better way to unleash creative thinking than by tapping into some of the most imaginative ideas on the planet? With six very specific Disney characters in mind, review site Angie’s List and marketing agency NeoMam Studios worked together to explore the things each of them might prioritize if they left their magical lives of luxury behind for a shot at the minimalist tiny home lifestyle.

The process began with several hours of research in the form of watching and analyzing popular Disney films to better understand the elements that would be absolutely essential to each character in their 300 square feet (or less) of living space.

Woody’s Tiny House (Toy Story)

Exterior shot of Woody's rustic tiny home (Toy Story).

The rustic interior of Sheriff Woody's tiny home (Toy Story).

In a single word, Woody’s tiny house can best be defined as rustic. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s aesthetically boring. While the sheriff embraces the wraparound Old West-style balcony, complete with iconic rocking chair, the exterior of his home screams Western mountain appeal.

The inside resembles a classic cabin with wood plank flooring and wall accents. Woody’s recognizable cowboy hat hangs from (cruelty-free) bone antlers, with an even more impressive antler chandelier taking center stage overhead. A wood stove, open shelving, and rustic cabinets round out the intentionally simple design.

Elsa’s Tiny House (Frozen)

The snowy exterior of Princess Elsa's imagined tiny home (Frozen).

While this tiny home may not be as spacious as Elsa’s on-screen abode, it’s easy to “Let it Go” in favor of this compact chic design. Elsa’s new place features lots of icy green and blue hues, with eye-catching white snowflake-shaped ceiling beams standing out next to the paneled walls. A cubicle-style library, complete with ladder, provides storage and display space. And of course, the teal couch is a shout out to the dress Elsa wears while singing her hit song.

THe inside of Princess Elsa's tiny home is pretty much all painted a wintry shade of blue.

From the outside, Elsa’s home nestles neatly into the surrounding woods, with a stand-out a-frame design that emphasizes the look of frosty windows while holding true to the Norwegian influence prevalent in the film.

Merida’s Tiny House (Brave)

The cabin-like exterior of Princess Merida's tiny home (Brave).

The inside of Princess Merida's tiny home id decidedly sparse.

A home for princess Merida would need to be “brave” indeed, which is exactly why this tiny house features strong, dark, and bold elements. Hardwood planks adorn the walls and floors while stone accents the medieval-style central fireplace and workspace countertop. A little character personalization can also be seen in the vintage painting here, depicting Merida’s trusty steed Angus. The exterior a-frame design of this home borrows from the Scottish architectural elements seen in the movie without sacrificing any simplicity or rustic appeal.

Mulan’s Tiny House (Mulan)

The Eastern-influenced, tent-like exterior of Mulan's imagined tiny home.

Asian-inspired decor can be found all throughout Mulan's imagined tiny home.

The Asian influence on Mulan’s home brings together many design elements. The exterior features a traditional Chinese tent-style roof with wraparound deck and highlights Japanese-style sliding panels. Inside, the Eastern theme continues with Chinese lantern-type light fixtures, floor pillows for seating, and decor loaded with iconic figurines, pots, and cherry blossoms.

Jack Skellington’s Tiny House (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Gothic is the best description for the home of Jack Skellington, leader and “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town. His tiny house incorporates the bachelor vibe with blue and black decor, but even the nearly bare interior features the must-have Christmas tree and colorful orange Jack-o-lantern pumpkin head. Ultra-rustic IKEA flooring and beams are further ‘deadened’ with the addition of branches and spooky trinkets.

The spooky exterior of Jack Skellington's imagined tiny home (Nightmare Before Christmas).

The inside of Jack Skellington's tiny house is dark and dingy.

If you find yourself wandering through the woods, Jack’s is not a place you’d hope to wander upon, which is exactly the goal with the uber-witchy exterior of dilapidated, seemingly pieced-together wood. It’s fair to say that this tiny home oozes a warning message from every one of its rusty nails.

Belle’s Tiny House (Beauty and the Beast)

From dark and dreary to bright and cheery, we move on to the tiny home of the beloved Belle, princess from Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast. The lively interior of this home matches Belle’s spirit of adventure with a massive central fireplace and stacks of books, a nod to her passion for intellect. Purple cabinets, a colorful rug, and a whimsical blue-green sofa bring her character to life in a space that perfectly captures her enchanting on-screen presence.

The cozy interior of Belle's imagined Tiny Home (Beauty and the Beast).

The stone exterior is nothing like the castle where Belle meets and falls in love with the Beast. Instead, it commemorates the home Belle shares with her father, simple yet full of history.