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This French housing unit is equipped with wavy balconies that extend the living space and create a fascinating visual effect from outside. Each balcony alternates wavy parts with the balcony below it, providing residents a surprising amount of vertical space.



The idea behind the project was to call to mind stacked villas which are wide open to the environment. By adding the wrap-around balconies to the inexpensive housing units, the architects – ECDM Architectes – effectively doubled the living space of each unit.



Each level of the building features a slightly different floor plan so that no residence overlooks another. This careful planning gives the housing development’s residents a high level of privacy – something that most apartment balconies just can’t offer.



The terraces are outfitted in perforated metal balustrades which let in plenty of light. Thin green garden equipment cupboards separate one balcony from the next. From the street, these cupboards create vertical green lines that run up the height of the buildings.



As the residents have begun to plant vegetation on their balconies, the plants have created the appearance of the entire building being a huge vertical terraced garden.