A new year always brings a fresh way of looking at things, including kitchen design. And after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners are looking for practical solutions to streamline their more complicated schedules, but they’re also in the mood for change and novelty.

Here are some of the top kitchen trends to try out in 2022:

Colored Cabinets

Subtle dark green cabinets on this kitchen island provide a nice splash of color without overwhelming the space.

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Yes, white or wood-toned materials are classic and will continue to be the backbone of most kitchens, but we’re starting to see pops of color on island bases and other custom cabinetry. Blues of every shade are holding onto their spot as a popular accent hue, but homeowners are branching out with lush greens and deep reds to add visual contrast.

Customized Storage

Contemporary kitchen space chock-full of custom built-in storage solutions.

Open shelving can be pretty, but it often means sacrificing valuable storage space. Especially in today’s multi-generational households where there are more people living under one roof than ever, eliminating wasted space is essential. That means getting more creative with display and storage options, including custom-size shelves and cabinets, and built-in organization for things like spices and bakeware.

Veined Slabs

Large gray veins run through the marble countertop in this contemporary kitchen space.

They’ve been on their way up for a while now, but 2022 will be the year of countertops with dramatic focal veins. A river of black or grey running through a creamy white marble or quartz can be a real showstopper.

Resilient Waterproof Flooring

This vinyl flooring looks great and offers a lot more durability than your standard hardwood.

Homeowners are always looking for products that combine form and function, which is why waterproof core or luxury vinyl flooring is hot right now. According to an annual survey by Houzz.com, almost a quarter of those upgrading their kitchen flooring in 2022 are choosing the easy maintenance of resilient vinyl planks or tiles, more than doubling its popularity in the last three years. This durable material is extremely versatile, can look like tile or wood, and come in almost any shape, width, or texture.

Marble Backsplashes

Marble backsplash runs up the wall behind this kitchen countertop.

While about half of homeowners are still opting for tile backsplashes, the Houzz survey found that marble is on the rise, with many preferring the clean look of just one material between their cabinetry. Many choose the same material for both their countertops and backsplashes, although it can be chic to have complementary patterns in the same color range. The backsplash “envelope” – extending the backsplash all the way to the ceiling – is also having a major design moment right now.

Delightful Details

This contemporary kitchen space is packed with delightful details like a unique hood and lighting fixtures.

Especially after spending so much time stuck in our houses over the past two years, we’ve all had a chance to become very familiar with our kitchens. Many people are looking to spice up the heart of their home with distinctive details like custom-built range hoods, unique hardware, or designer wall plates. These smaller and less expensive changes can provide just the right amount of drama in a larger space.

Smart Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances all connect to homeowner's smartphone.

Artificial intelligence is being integrated into so many aspects of our lives these days, and the home kitchen is no exception. This year, homeowners can take advantage of many time and headache-saving devices. Connected refrigerators allow you to customize the temperature or check their contents remotely, smart ovens give you the flexibility to start baking a dish while you’re away from home, and smart dishwashers automatically dispense the perfect amount of detergent for any load. You can find smart tech in almost every appliance and gadget nowadays, from toasters and air fryers to range hoods and garbage cans.

If things keep going like this, cooking and cleaning your kitchen will be a whole lot easier in 2022.