Beyond decorative, some of these incredible all-glass door designs are architectural features in their own right. The craft lies in the custom etching of each panel of frosted glass so it works as either a fold-out or sliding interior spatial divider, providing the right balance of transparency and opacity to let in an ideal amount of light and protect the privacy of a room’s occupants.

From natural and abstracted etched patterns to multi-layered and color-filled panels, each design from Casali is framed in these photos to illustrated how it would work within an interior space, surrounding wall paint or wallpaper colors or patterns – and it is no accident that the settings are contemporary and cool much like the doors within them.

Some of their most creative works are suspended from a simple rail and slide along the wall, thus adding to the elegant simplicity of opening and closing the door while also avoiding the problem of a hinged swinging motion that can take up space. These would work great in a simple, black and wide or otherwise basic modern room.

The full-glass panels employ beveled edges for safety but otherwise look almost like they are floating in space, edgeless and complete from top to bottom. Some are even curved – though of course you would have to build the opening to match.

Select specimens have areas of that are completely see-through while others are translucent from top to bottom or entirely opaque, with smooth black or colored finishes that make it hard to tell if they are even glass at first glance.