Metallic accent pieces like this bathtub are set to be all the rage in 2020.

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Longing to revamp your space? Maybe 2020 is the year. As we head into a new decade, designers are forecasting some truly inspiring trends. In what’s sure to be the most eclectic year for interior design, what’s old is once again new, sustainable elements protect our Earth while making us more beautiful, and minimalism is turned up to the max. Why not start the new year out in style with a resolution to enliven your own space with the freshest decor ideas from the world’s top trend-setting interior designers?

Let’s take a look at everything you can expect to see trending in 2020:

Geometry with Purpose

Geometric patterns like the one on this rug are an easy way to add a ton of visual interest to a room.

Adorning interiors with geometric shapes is a hallmark of timeless design, but this style of decor can literally make your head spin if it’s overdone. Instead of past trends of mismatched patterns all competing for attention in one room in 2020, we’re more likely to see just how one or two unique geometric patterned pieces can make a bold statement. Add chic patterned wallpaper, accent pillows, or artwork to make a small room subtly pop, and a carefully-placed geometric area rug to add balance and visual interest.

Lighten Up

Light-colored wood and empty, minimalist spaces are always a winning combo.

Natural light wood and minimalist interior design have always gone hand-in-hand. But in 2020, top designers are going even lighter with eco-friendly sustainable wood pieces that are both sculptural and artistic. Think Scandinavian design with a minimalist, clean-lined artsy aesthetic, as seen in this functional dining table lined with rounded chairs.

Bold Color Match

If you’ve had enough of gray and beige to last a millennium, then the latest trend in accent walls is sure to set your heart aflutter. Color is a powerful visual on both walls and ceilings, after all. And in 2020, we’re going to go even bolder and match the color to our furnishings.

One color can go a long way! It can add a bit of unexpected pop, vibrancy, and even drama to your space. Try a deep cobalt blue hue with a matching sofa to convey moody elegance, or warm burnt orange earth tones in a matching dining ensemble to lend warmth and grace.

Black and White Nostalgia

black-and-white photographs are coming back in a big way this year.

Framed black-and-white photography is a bold design element that works in any space, and luckily for us, it’s making a big comeback. Photos like these pull at our heartstrings by harkening back to a bygone era, subsequently making us long for those nostalgic moments that define our history.

Also on trend: create drama with a monochromatic black wall or art deco ziggurat tile.

Mix and Match Metals

Designing with gold and silver finishes has been all the rage for the last few years. In 2020, designers predict we are going to see more of this luminous trend but with a twist: mixing and matching. Pair silver and brown metals or gold and bronze to create a luxurious look. Try a free-form metal tub or a gold-finished bar cart grounded by a silvery textured area rug to glam up your bathroom.

Nostalgic Lighting

Art deco style, typically characterized by bold black and gold geometric patterns, plush furnishings, and decadent detailing, is definitely back, but we’re not just talking about furnishings. Vintage art deco revival pieces are mega on-trend in the way of 2020 lighting. With the old being new again, art deco lighting is sure to lend some glam and elegance to any space. Look for snazzy milk glass globe chandeliers, pendants, and speakeasy type lamps to illuminate every room in your home!

Posh and Plush to the Max

Velvet and plush pieces like this make for cozy, bold statements in any home.

While minimalism certainly isn’t going away any time soon, designers also predict 2020 to be the start of maximalism. Channeling the decadent art deco speakeasies of the 1930s and curvaceous sculptural forms of the 80s, the year 2020 will be big in the way of both posh and plush. Velvet and plush fabrics are going to be everywhere, from sofas and accent pillows to dining chairs, benches, and barstools! Plush color particularly pops in velvety earth tones like burnt orange and olive green along with jewel tones like purple passion, cobalt blue, and deep burgundy.

Back to Nature

The trend towards designing with sustainable materials in mind is front and center as designers put for even highly environmental standards in 2020. Think neutral beiges and fawn wall color paired with cocktail and accent tables created with reclaimed wood, stone, cork, or bamboo.

Sculptural Trends of the 80s

From sofas and armchairs to cocktail and occasional tables, sculptural design has always been in high demand. In 2020, top European designers are welcoming the return of the 80s, when statement pieces like curved sofas were all the rage. Today, we’ll see more of that glamorous design with sofas, loveseats, and accent tables in curvaceous forms that feel more like functional art than furniture.

Ceilings with Personality

Spruce up your boring white ceilings with geometric patterns or colorful wallpaper.

Look for decorated ceilings to make a grand entrance in 2020. No longer boring and blank, they give personality to your home with bold colors like Kelly green, cobalt blue, and poppy red. Geometric patterned wallpaper can also turn a fun and whimsical decor scheme into something striking and modern. Looking for a little ambiance? Try flowing draped fabrics to create a romantic canopy look.