Have you been dreaming of giving your bathroom a much needed update? If so, here are five dreamy bathroom interiors to spark your imagination!
Bathroom - Nobu Ryokan
Sitting right above Malibu’s Carbon Beach, this minimalist bathroom practically floats atop the Pacific Ocean. The little piece of perfection is part of a private and spacious guest room in the luxury hotel Nobu Ryokan. The simplicity of the custom-colored concrete walls and floors place all attention on the stained teak bathtub and exposed shower. The design incorporates clean lines and warm neutral tones to make this bathroom as comfortable as possible using as little as possible.
Bathroom - Rebecca Judd's Townhouse Bathroom - Rebecca Judd's Townhouse
Above is Rebecca Judd’s Prahran townhouse, as featured on her lifestyle and fashion blog Rebecca Judd Loves. Recently renovated with the help of stylist Aimee Tarulli, the bathroom uses color to acheive Judd’s desire for a softer, more delicate space. The room oozes femininity thanks to a considerable use of blush-pink tiles. The walls are also adorned with large porcelain slates designed to look like marble. Using this method of fabrication, the materials become much more affordable and easier to work with. The bathroom boasts a large standalone tub and a pretty pink shower with tumbled brass tapware.
Bathroom - Rocksplit Villa
The Rocksplit Villa is a home designed by Cometa Architects for a private client. It features an extremely minimal bathroom with a whitewashed interior. Other than the necessities of a divider, sink, and toilet, the room is almost completely empty. Much of the room’s volume is occupied by a large, open shower with brushed copper knobs and faucets. The design is heavily influenced by its being located on Greece’s Cyclades island chain, and its makers consider it “another take on traditional and sustainable island architecture.” This bathroom’s simple purity makes it an ultimate safe haven for those who just need the basics but want them in style.
Bathroom - Bruno Frisoni

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Next we have a bathroom in the home of Bruno Frisoni, who was previously the creative director for the brand Roger Vivier. Frisoni’s many years in the fashion industry helped him develop a style that was both tasteful and whimsical. Located in Tangier, the design is heavily influenced by Moroccan aesthetics. It features bold stone walls and heavy horizontal stripes. In comparison, the floor and countertops are kept light and minimal. The Moroccan motif can also be seen in a few beautifully patterned storage units and decorative antiques.

 Bathroom - Dabito  Bathroom - Dabito

If the styles above are a bit too plain for you, you’ll love the modern yet eclectic vibe of this bathroom, which was designed by decor-lover and blogger Dabito. Believe it or not, this design was actually inspired by an influential trip Dabito took to Chicago. The focal piece of the room is undoubtedly the shower, whose walls are lined with bold hexagonal tiles. This theme is continued by hexagonal floor tiles, octagonal mirrors, and geometric patterning on the floor mat. To make the most of the room, color has been utilized in the form of a bright teal cabinet and yellow towels. These vibrant hues are contrasted by a muted marble countertop and a plain white shower curtain. Since the bathroom’s completion, Dabito has posted links to the manufacturers of its individual components on his site, just in case you felt like replicating the look in your own home!